June 14, 2012

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro in Kits is a casual restaurant with a "beer and burger" vibe.
According to our server, everything is made in-house and the ingredients are sourced locally.
Their menu had so many choices, it was hard to decide what to eat.
As an appetizer, we ordered the All Canadian Poutine with cheese curds, fries, gravy,and smoked brisket. It came piping hot, and it smelled so delicious! How can you go wrong with brisket, and gravy ontop of a pile of fries?
The gravy was flavorful, and the smoked brisket was tender and had a nice smoke-flavor. It was nice that the poutine wasn't doused with gravy.
The fries were cut a bit too small for my liking. It wasn't something I could munch on with my hands, and needed a fork. The cheese curds didn't squeak, a good sign that they weren't the freshest.
Overall, I enjoyed the poutine, and so did everyone else. I just wouldn't order this again.

I read some good reviews on The Oakwood's burger, with smoked cheddar, relish,aioli and alfalfa sprouts.This was a darn good burger. The beef was juicy, and the sauces together was very good.. The bun was very soft and airy, and things got pretty messy. We had to use forks and knives to eat the burger.

I liked how their burgers were made to ordered this medium-rare and it was more medium-well done.

The Garlic Mussels, had shaved fennel and garlic crostini. They forgot about the dish and we had already finished our burger and were pretty full when our mussels arrived.
The mussels were sweet, and plump but lacked the garlic flavor. I couldn't detect it in the mussels. The tender fennel was masking the mussels. I wouldn't order this again.

Recommend the burger
Meal was very filling!

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