June 03, 2011

Boiling Point

Good food tends to smell good...does Stinky Tofu count? Truthfully, I love stinky tofu. The stinkier, the better. In Taiwan, there are many food trends that come and go but stinky tofu is a classic. 
There was a place in Richmond that used to sell stinky tofu but closed down.
As of now, the only places I am aware of selling stink tofu is Boiling Point and Richmond Night Market.

Joining me were two lovely ladies, Buddha Girl and Janice
Our orders each came with a drink either Green Tea (Jasmine) or Black tea. I chose the Jasmine tea and I thought it was nicely sweetened and fragrant. Buddha Girl had the Black tea and I thought it was not as good or fragrant as the Green tea. I had a feeling they forgot Buddha Girls since her drink came much later than mine.
Usually I don't complain about the rice but the rice came too early and by the time our hot pots came, it was cooling down and too hard and dry. 
House Special Hot Pot
This is the one with stinky tofu added! Initially, I wanted to order this but since Buddha Girl wanted this, I opted for the Kimchi one (below).
I found that their portions were good and the meat was layed out in a way that it covered the pot, right below all the contents. This was supposed to be "super spicy" but it was just "warm spicy." Not spicy enough for Buddha Girl or me. I still like "ma-la" (numbing spicy) hot pot best. 
I just wish their was more blood! There were very few cubes in it.
The stinky tofu was, err...lets just say if they were selling in Taiwan, they would not have business. It was not very stinky and texture was not good. However, I would rather have some sort of stinky tofu than none at all.
Korean Kimchi Hotpot
The flavor of the hot pot was similar to the House special with the only difference being toppings. In this were a few clams, tempura, and artificial crab meat mostly. I was disappointed by the kimchi. It had the color but not the sour-ness. Also, it was not as spicy as the House special. It was decent but nothing overly spectacular.
I asked for an addition of stinky tofu in this but the waitress did not make a note of it.  I would have loved some more stinky tofu...

Lamb Hot Pot Soup
This was the most only one that was not spicy, and was probably my least favorite. Not because it was not spicy but it was too light for my taste and too many veggies and not enough meat! Plus, I am not a fan of lamb or game meat. This had much less meat in it vs the other too, probably since Lamb is more expensive. 

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  1. yeahhh i'm sure the kimchi and house ones taste better, though I wouldn't know because your guys' hotpots were too spicy for me so I couldn't taste anything....! hahaha! so weak XD

    pleasure eating with you guys, we should do it again sometime (in Vancouver? so you guys can bring me around eh? hehehe)

    now i need to get started on this post too... =_= (maybe tmr.)

  2. I tried stinky tofu once in HK, it wasn't too bad, but this one time I saw on TV there was stinky tofu with fuzzy stuff growing all over it. It looked so gross!


  3. @Janice
    We should sometime! I have been lazy to post these days =="
    I heard the stinky tofu in HK is not as stinky as TW!
    Fuzzy stuff growing on it? Sounds delicious ;]