February 27, 2012

Accord Food House 一心麵典

Accord Food House  一心麵典 
"Home-style" Taiwanese food
Small restaurant, and during peak times space is VERY limited.
Inexpensive: $10 & under
My Grandpa's Chinese Pasta
Spicy Sesame NoodleBeancurd Ground Pork Sauce Noodle ((炸醬麵)

Accord Food House serves what I would consider "Homestyle Taiwanese food." Their menu contains dishes that don't require deep frying but are mainly soup based, or sauces-So don't expect "Bubble Tea Cafe Food". It's very Home-y, reminding me of what my family would eat at home. If I was ever was missing Taiwan or a home cooked meal, this place is a great cure!
I like to look around and snoop on other diners' dishes. This was at almost all the tables, making my order an easy decision.
The My Grandpa's Chinese Pasta (mushrooms, ground pork, tomato ontop of noodles) was good. Nothing spectacular, but a solid dish. I was expecting some sort of HK Cafe style pasta but it was different. The flavors weren't heavy, and tasted like my mom's pasta. 

The Tomato Beef Noodle Soup (tomato based beef stock, beef) tasted like it was made at home vs a restaurant. The soup was beefy with a acidic tang from the tomato (and I suspect Tomato Sauce). The noodles were over cooked and the beef was not appealing to say the least. If my parents could make a TBN like this I would eat it every day!
Still searching for my ATF TBN in 604....

The Chicken Leg Noodle Soup (simmered chicken legs, in a chicken based soup). It's exactly what the dish is named. Chicken leg with noodles in soup. The chicken was simmered, something not everyone is a fan and difficult to eat. Not sure how it's possible to eat this without getting chicken and soup splattering everywhere. Tender but not something I would order just because my parents make this all the time.

Accord is a good place for Home-y food, and many of their dishes sell out by the dinner rush. I have gone back a few times with friends and I'll be back again soon :)

The also have a dessert menu (a bit over priced in my opinion). Their Earl grey caramel was popular that night!

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