July 17, 2011

La Taqueria Taco Shop

You won't find any ground beef with cheese tacos here! La Taqueria serves delicious, fresh, and made to order tacos. During the lunch rush, the line is out the door and the little room they have inside, is packed with hungry people.
Prior to the opening of La Taqueria, my knowledge of tacos was little beyond ground beef, salsa and cheese wrapped in tortilla. This place has expanded not only my knowledge, but my taste buds as well.
Since I was saving room for dessert, I did not want to grab 4, although it was very tempting.
One of my favorite things about La Taqueria is their condiment stand. The Habanero Sauce is my favourite, a bit on the spicier side, and gives the tacos a bit of heat. Since it was near the end of the day, there was hardly any jalepeno peppers left-my only complaint of my visit.
De Lengua
(braised beef tongue with guacamole)
My all time favorite. Tender tongue that just melt in your mouth and a creamy guacamole. The addition of jalapenos gave in an extra texture of crunch and heat.
(pork confit with pickled red onions)
The pork was tender and lean, but I did not enjoy this as much as the De Lengua. I'm not a fan of onions so I cannot comment much about it,

I still prefer the tongue and cheeks from this Taco Shop!
The success of La Taqueria has led to an opening of a 2nd location on Cambie (2549 Cambie Street)!

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  1. oh wow, this sounds fancy! I'm used to ground beef + cheese too! Need to try it! Thanks for posting! :)