May 11, 2011

Milano Coffee & Gelato

I needed to get my caffeine fix and Milano was the closest place. I believe this cafe is pretty new and I knew I needed to test out their latte skills....have I found my favourite latte place with the perfect microfoam skills?

I think I need to keep looking....

Caramel Latte
Personally, I do not love the coffee they serve. It just does not suit my coffee preferences.
Not much microfoam, just enough to do latte art but underneath that thin layer was just milk+expresso.
I could not taste any caramel at all, I wonder if they even added it.
I was disappointed seeing Milano is a specialty coffee house and they can not make a decent latte.

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  1. Just found the review, I love Milano coffee and am happy that you did say that it does not suit your coffee preferences as what I like to tell everyone that everyone's tastes are different. Howevery, I feel I must say that in regards to the latte's they make, they make traditional style drinks and I personally hate it when I go to other coffee shops and I get foam in my latte. A latte should not have any foam it is. It should be espresso and steamed milk. I am very happy that when I go there I get a latte done correctly not made like a wet cap.