May 07, 2011

Super Wok

Taiwanese street food is my favourite to eat. I could, and nearly do eat it for every meal, every day when I am in Taiwan. When I read Super Wok had Ba Wan from Food For Buddha, I knew I had to go. 
This place is so easy to spot, with its yellow sign, I did not know how I could have missed it!

I was on a mission and I knew what I wanted. I was tempted to get a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup(牛肉麵) but it looked so-so after glancing around at another customer's food...

Finally, some good Ba-Wan in Vancouver! I have tried other places and this is definately the best. The filling is pretty close to what I would find in Taipei. I would have liked some more bamboo in it and it was missing the veggie that goes along with it...parsley/cilantro? 
The sauce was tasty, with the sweet-spicy sauce but I found it too sour and the color is more red than the ones in Taiwan.It is more on the brown side?
I would have liked this much more if the sourness was lowered. Other than that, I was very satisfied and can not wait to go back for another one. At $4, it is a bit expensive but I am definately coming back for some more Ba-Wan. My favourite is still the ones that are fried and swimming in oil!

Perhaps next time, I will try the Zha Jiang Mien (炸醬麵), I hope it it like the ones I am accustomed to from Taiwan.

P.S: I found this place all by myself.Without a man BuddhaBoy

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  1. Wow after seeing this post I realize I know NOTHING about Taiwanese food. All I know is lu rou fan, zha jiang mien, chicken, and bbt.. :(
    The ba wan looks interesting but not very appetizing. Of course looks can be deceiving... I kinda want to try this place now!

  2. YAY!!! Good job girl! You found this place all by yourself!!! LOL!!! You did not call me for directions!!! LOL!!!

    Yea...I plan to go back and try some of their other stuff...but I don't keep my hopes up too high for things that need stir-fry since they don't have a industrial stove...but things like 炸醬麵 sounds good!

  3. @Janice:
    LOL! No worries! It's okay to know nothing about certain food or cuisine, as long as you're open to trying it! Have fun with this little place, but it's not what "Taiwanese food" is all about...and may not be the best place to "represent" the thought of "Taiwanese food"...

  4. hehehe...yes, you did find it. But on your second try. A man would keep looking the first time around. lol :p

  5. @Janice: If you eat "fun guo" (粉粿?) You will be able to eat this. It is like Taiwanese style of this. I agree with BB, it is not representative of TW food, lots of it is westernish food. But they have some TW food many places do not have.
    @BG:3Q3Q ^____^" LOL. I was just looking at the wrong side of street the last time!
    @BB: HAHA! I think a man would be too stubborn to give up & I would have fainted because of hunger by the time we found it ;]

  6. I don't think I've eaten fun guo before. I do recall seeing it was kind of like jellyish in texture, but I don't remember eating it. My family (actually my dad) prefers to stick to Cantonese foods. He's so close minded!
    I'm def interested in trying some new more 地道 foods, though I don't really know if some places are authentic or not, especially if I'm trying them for my first time.

    Btw, I've just sent you an email to your forkorchopstick account!