June 30, 2011

The Ladle

The Ladle offers a large selection of daily soups, mac-n-cheese, hot dogs and shepherd's pie...all vegetarian or vegan! 
Knowing this, I always avoided eating here, I love my meat too much. I usually just head to Bubble World next door. Ever since the "manufacturing scare" of many foods from Taiwan, I have avoided drinking BBT despite its claims of being safe. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
Shepherd's Pie
The first time I had this, I didn't know this was vegetarian. This was pretty good with plenty of veggies and "meat." I liked the mashed potato crust but there was an odd chewy texture.  The pie is very filling and I am full after eating only half of this.
Note: I have had the mac-n-cheese and it was by far, the worst one I have had. Do not reccomend! I don't understand how some of my friends literally eat it everyday.

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  1. Agreed! Shepards Pie is SO GO! The grilled cheese is good as well!

  2. Vegans......I'll never understand them. Why fake meat or cheese? Like the taste of meat and cheese but you don't eat it? What is that? Haha, it makes me giggle thinking what if someone made fake vegetables out of meat =).

    Anyway, vegans, vegetarians......my food eats their food, haha!

  3. I've never eaten at the ladle, though I've wanted to give it a try. Maybe next semester I will have to try it :)

  4. @Diana:
    Really? I never tried the grilled cheese, always assumed it was just plain bread with a piece of cheese in it.
    I'll try it next time!
    If there were fake vegies made of meat, I think I would be very happy! Never thought of that!
    More vegetarians in the world=more meat for me. I'm not complaining :]
    @Janice: Give it a try, a nice change from the usual Tim Hortons soups and food. Sigh, we need more food on campus.

  5. Yeah, I was totally sick of Tim Hortons last semester. How I miss it now :(

  6. Haha, that is true, I never thought about it that way....more vegetarians = more meat for me! I'm going to have a big fat, bloody steak right now =)