June 26, 2011

Kimbob E Ramyun

Kimbob E Ramyun is a great place that is convenient and a great place to hang out for the many students in the area. Initially, I wanted to grab a few slices of pizza at Goldies but since it was the playoffs, they were completely sold out. 
We decided to play it safe and order kimbap and beef bulgogi since ChilliPepper is picky!

Beef Bulgogi
Despite how it seems there is very little beef, there was enough that you could have beef&rice in every bite. The beef was thinly sliced so the flavor of the sauce was very evident. I liked how it was a good balance of sweet and savoury with a slight fragrance of sesame. 
As with many of their dishes, it came with soup & kimchi.
Fish Soup
I'm pretty sure it was fish stock or fish cake soup. Nevertheless, I thought this was one of the better "combo soups" that I have had. It was nice and light without being oily. It was very flavorful of fish but not overpowering. 

This took longer to receive than the bulgogi. The roll was made right after I ordered. It had the typical kibap ingredients of daikon, spam/ham, cucumber etc. I found this to be just OK and not as tasty as the ones at H-mart which have a stronger taste. The rice was overcooked, I think this may have just been a off day or the rice was not cool enough so it was a bit mushy

Kimbob E Ramyun has a pretty large menu and daily specials. Plus, a large variety off regular rolls and nude rolls that I would probably want to try sometime.

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