June 25, 2011

Hotluck Restaurant

With the random days of cold weather, I am always wanting spicy food to keep me warm. Their menu and pictures seemed like just what I needed!
I wanted something spicy and the waitress reccomended the sliced pork with pepper and rice. The waitress warned me it was really spicy but I told her I could handle it...

By the looks of it, it seemed very spicy with plenty of peppers but it really was not. The peppers were jalepeno-like and only gave you slight "warm feeling," rather than the "spicy, burning, sweating" feel. The pork was on the dry side-overcooked and lean but when mixed with the large potion rice, it was so-so.
I found it odd that they would serve it on a tray-like plate vs a normal bowl/plate, perhaps to make it look bigger? I found it difficult to eat this way, since no spoon was provided.
I probably won't visit this place again as I find there are much better Sichuan restaurants around here!

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  1. My o-ring is quivering in fear thinking about eating that dish.....looks spicier than hell.