June 24, 2011

Wang Ga Ma

Wang Ga Ma again? Yes! I only tried the Bimbimbap and BBQ beef. I wanted to try something else!
Their menu has a variety of dishes that offer the option of rice or noodles. Most of them come with sides of Kimchi/"MSG Soup". 
I ordered the Spicy Beef Broth.The lady at the counter asked me, "Are you sure? It's quite spicy." She even repeated this to me twice! With this many warnings, I was prepared to break a sweat and even grabbed a couple extra napkins.
Spicy Beef Broth-$7.95
The deep red, and clear soup gave me an impression it would be pretty spicy. The first sip, it was pretty spicy. It is the "warm spicy" but the heat quickly died down. As I drank more and more of the broth, the heat disappeared and the soup was quite sweet with no spicyness! For a typical eater, this would be spicy but bearable. I did not end up using up the napkins after all...
There was not much "content" in the soup, mostly fillers of bean sprouts and slivers of beneath. Plus, onion and egg. 
Again, the kimchi was just so-so.

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  1. Geez, what's with you and spicy food??? Haha, I'm always racing for the washroom whenever I have spicy food!

  2. G, you gotta try Hot Lady Hot Pot in Richmond...I love their spicy hot pot!!!