September 27, 2012


(For those who are wondering, Curtis is the one on the very right)

I'm a fan of Food Network, and this included the series Top Chef Canada. Trevor Bird, was ultimately crowned the runner up Top Chef Canada  and opened up Fable. Also running the kitchen is Curtis Luk, a fellow contestant as well.
I finally convinced Ramune to visit Fable and  for a Monday night, it was quite busy and I recommend making reservations in advance. 
We started off with "the best" Canned Tuna ($12). The albacore tuna, with baby potatoes, olive oil and lemon confit served with crostini on the side was the best canned tuna weever had. The tuna was moist, with the lemon having a nice kick, it was easily spreadable onto the crostini. The flavors and textures were drool-worthy. The Canned tuna was amazingly delicious.

The Pork Croquette was the feature appetizer of the day. The richness and tang of the creme fresh paired well with the pork croquettes. They were very rich, though enjoyable.
The Duck Breast ($24) with scallion perogie, fiddle heads and cauliflower was tender and quite easy to chew. I would have prefered the duck to be slightly more rare, and the duck to have a crisp skin. The perogies, and vegetables were well seasoned and enjoyable. The highlight was the sauce, slightly tart, it brought everything in the dish together!

The Feature of the Day was a Crusted Pork Loin. The pork was tender however it was a bit too salty for my preference. Ramune really enjoyed this though.
After watching Curtis make macarons on Top Chef, how could we leave without trying them?!
The Daily Sweet Bites were Pavlova,  dulce de leche macaron and one with caramel (can't remember the name!).
The Pavlova with the fruit jam was bursting with flavor, with a crisp exterior while very light inside. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed for this one.
The Dulce de Leche macaron was the clear winner. With the crisp shell, one bite and I could instantly detect it was dulce de leche. I could eat a dozen of these!

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