June 22, 2011

Chinatown Night Market

 The Chinatown Night Market was once very popular, spanning 2 streets. These days, it's only a block and is dwindling each year. The majority of the visitors are the older generations and even the shows are catered towards them.
Like many, I come here for the food! Sure, the variety is not as large but if you want the usual "siu mai& fish ball stands" or egg waffles without wanting to head to Richmond, it just might satisfy your craving. 

"Shark Fin Soup"~$3.50?
This was pretty bad. It was extremely thick, too much cornstarch! There was a decent amount of contents. I also learned the "shark fin" is not made of vermicilli!  If it wasn't this thick, it would have been passable.
I ended up bringing it home and adjusted flavors to my liking. One thing I noticed was this was a large size and about 1/2 the price of Shark Fin Soup at Richmond Night Market. 

Look familiar? This place also has a stand at the Richmond Night Market. The prices are $1 cheaper here and line ups are smaller. Also, they are less soggy since they are not as rushed=more time to air dry for crispyness!
My favorite Night Market ones are still Sam's but he doesn't have a stand at either of these places any more
Egg Waffle
These were nice and crispy on the outside. I find them a bit too oily (batter issue) for my liking but I enjoyed them.
Chocolate Egg Waffle
These are the same as the original flavor but with added chocolate chips. There were very few chocolate chips but since ChilliPepper only eats the ones with chocolate chips, so more for me! Muahaha!
I thought this year's Chinatown Night Market was better than last years. They also have "che lun bing" this year! I have been too spoiled by the ones in TW and refuse to eat the ones here if they are not up to par.

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  1. I wonder where Sam went! Every single time I go to any night market, someone is always looking for him...but sadly he's no where to be seen

  2. mmm... i love egg waffles! C-town's a lot closer to me than richmond, and it'll be a lot less to walk through to get my waffles now, thanks Gloria! :)

  3. @Diana: Sam had/had is own egg waffle place in Richmond. Im guessing the nightmarket was too much work for just himself.
    Miss him! Part of my childhood haha.
    No problem! Plus, you can save the time fighting over parking @ the RNM LOL.

  4. I miss Sam's egg waffles! Not only are they good, but he is such a performer and would pose for pictures! so cool.

    he has a place in Richmond?? where!! :(

  5. @Janice:
    I agree!
    I wish I remembered where it was, I even asked my parents but they are getting old and forgot! >[

  6. I remember Sam's from the original Aberdeen! Man, I'm dating myself...