July 03, 2011


Godiva is known for their chocolates but who knew they had shakes? They are to my surprise, pretty good! Passing by the store in Metrotown, their large sign advertising their Chocolate Strawberry shake caught my attention. 

The chocolates from Godiva, I find are much better than Purdy's and I used to love their chocolate dipped strawberries back in highschool. I have had so many I got sick of them, oh dear!
Dark Chocolate Shake-$6
Since Godiva is known for chocolate, I decided to go for their Dark Chocolate (72%) instead. It is like your "premium chocolate chip frappucino." Plenty of chocolate bits in every bite. Not too sweet and not too thick. I liked how the milk they used was not very creamy (lower milk %?) and doesn't rest heavy in your stomach. Once the weather gets better, I will probably try  some more of their shakes.

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  1. oh my goodness, my friend and I have been complaining that we want this since forever. the calorie count on it is crazy. hahahha

  2. Holy cow, my pants just got tighter......fat as I am, I will try one, just to say I did it.

    $6 for a shake from Godiva sounds like a heckuva deal.