July 06, 2011

Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery is quite similar to Coldstone in pretty much everything from flavors, to waffle bowls, to using the "mixing method." Which is more popular?
This was the first Marble Slab I have had in quite a while and didn't really know what to order. What I ended up with was not very good or I just picked a bad combo. Or both?

Sprinkle cone, sweet cream ice cream, almond slivers, strawberries, caramel
I was attracted by the colorful waffle cone and wanted the child size but TakoyakiChef ended up getting a regular one.  The waffle cone was not made of waffle but the same thing as Mcdonald's cones. I didn't like it Plus, it was much too hard and I ended up having a sprinkles spilling everywhere. It was just hard sugar. Not enough icecream to go with the waffle either.
The sweet cream ice cream was just, sweet cream as described nothing special really. I should I chosen something else. 
The strawberries were not sweet at all, but then again, strawberries are not exactly in season yet.
Over all, this was just a bad mix of flavors and I felt nothing tasting very good from what I ordered.
Did I mention how expensive this was? At ~$8-9, I didn't find this very worth it at all. 
I like  Coldstone much better than Marble Slab due to selection, taste and presentation. 

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  2. Wow, pricy isn't it? I tried marble slab in Kelowna out of the back of a trailer.....don't remember it being that pricy....