July 08, 2011

Zebrasoha Cafe

In many peculiar places, food can be found. Even the downtown Central Library. I always assumed there were just coffee shops and perhaps a corner store but there's quite a decent variety of food to eat including pizza, gelato and eggwaffles?!

I was caught off guard by the egg waffle display at Zebrasoha Cafe. This is the only place in the Downtown Vancouver area I have seen to sell egg waffles. This place I believe, is Taiwanese run and sells everything from hotdogs, gelato, drinks even wontons.
Egg Waffles
This place only has 1 egg waffle maker, the same ones used at the Nightmarket and took 4-5 minutes. I prefer these over the ones here because their batter is less oily, and sweet. They are much crispier and good egg flavor with a hint of vanilla fragrance. However, there was something missing for me taste wise-I just could not pin point it. Nevertheless, this place will satisfy my cravings for gai dan zai (egg waffles) whenever I creep out from the cubicles in the library in search for food.

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  1. Omg, they sell egg waffles at this cafe?! Yum~ I must visit now when I go to the Central library.
    I remember when this place used to be Yogen Fruz before it closed :P