April 08, 2011

Marulilu Cafe

Marulilu Cafe has been on my wish list for quite a while. Needing a place to catch up on some reading, I decided to check this place out. I imagined the Cafe to be larger, but it was rather cute and cosy.
I was very surprised at their extensive drink menu!
They also had a separate menu with smoothies and more tea as well.
Their meal menu was tempting but I just was not that hungry.

Matcha White Chocolate Muffin -$1.95
I liked this. It had the matcha fragrance and not too sweet. I would have liked some more chocolate chips though. It was moist and not oily at all. I need to try their other muffins! 

Royal Milk Tea-$3.05
I liked how it came without any sweeteners, just the sweetness of the milk and the tea they used was surprisingly fragrant. Nevertheless, this was just OK to me.

They also had a special of a 12 oz or 16oz  Coffee + muffin/baked good for ~$3 or $4, which I found to be a good deal but since I opted for the Royal Milk Tea, I did not order this.

Their baked goods seemed to be baked daily as they had a section for "day old breads."
Extensive selection of hot beverages
Many of their baked goods & dishes I have not seen anywhere else or rarely.
Meal-food is on pricier side 

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  1. The matcha white chocolate muffin looks so good! :) Tempted to go just to try it out ^^

  2. You should! They are baked fresh daily and I am tempted to try more of them =="