April 05, 2011


Initially RamuneBoy and I had planned to go to Meat & Bread for lunch but found out they were closed on Sundays. 

Since I wanted to grab some Bearded Papas next door, I decided to stop by Gyudonya for a mini meal. I did not want to stand in a line up for Japadog and considering I could have a combo here vs just a hotdog, of course I chose the combo.

Since the dishes aside from the beef were premade, my order was ready in just a few minutes.

Beef Bowl Combo-$6.95
(beef bowl, miso soup, kimchi)
The beef was not the typical  a  typical beef I am used to. They used thin slices of beef, like the ones used in hotpot. Despite the color (how do you even make it that color?), making it look rather bland, when mixed with the rice it was quite flavorful. Not too heavy, or salty with just a little but of sweetness. I liked it. I also liked how it was easily mixed into my rice in every bite. The portion was decent.

To me, the miso was just miso soup. Nothing memorable about it.
The kimchi (cabbage) was salty and not sour enough! I really liked the daikon though. Neither of them were very spicy but it was OK.

Cheap, decent & fast food.
Price of 1 Combo = 1 Japadog

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  1. the meat looks so fatty...

  2. Haha, the beef is that color because it's probably boiled with low heat. It's salty enough, but isn't really pleasing to the eye.

    I agree with the food being cheap and fast. It's edible, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it.

  3. Since I think taste>looks I did not care all that much about the color.
    When I cook beef, it turns black!
    I was going to try the short ribs but I didn't after seeing your review hehe

  4. Haha, do you ever watch Hell's Kitchen? I know Gordon Ramsay is kind of an a-hole on that show, but sometimes he does have a valid point when it comes to beef "if there's no heat, there's no color, and if there's no color, there's no flavour". I cook steak a lot (although most of the time it ends in epic fail, lol!) and I find that to be partly true. If it ends up gray, I really rely on seasoning for flavour.

    Black is probably not a good sign, haha. There's the hand test (poke the steak with your finger, if it has the same feedback as the meat at the base of your thumb, it's an indicator that it's rare = perfect).

    Baste in butter too, that adds some incredible flavour.

    But having said all that, you're definitely right, taste is definitely more important that looks, especially when eating some really disgusting looking food.....like oysters or uni...love the stuff, but looks gross.

  5. Thanks for the tips Peter!
    I think I might try and cook some steak, I just think it is a waste if I fail and nobody will eat it except me.
    I'll probably try out your steak 'tutorial' within the next week or two.