April 01, 2011

Coma Food Truck

A new food truck/ street vendor, Coma Food Truck might just cause you to have a coma. They offer Korean-Mexican-American fusion food and the majority of the food on their menu is deep fried.

Having had lunch already, I was not really hungry but I still had room for food. Coma Foods recommended the "Healthy Bowl" aka Bimbimbap. My favourite Korean dish but they had sold out. Other suggestions were the chicken nuggets and the soft seaweed roll.

Soft Seaweed Roll- $3.50 (reg. $4.99)

The roll was essentially a deep fried "jap chae sushi roll" with potato noodles and slivers of veggies (very little).
I did not enjoy the batter they used for the rolls. It was thick, flour-y and flat. Had it been a tempura batter, it would have been much better.
The jap chae was dry and tasteless. The noodles could be cooked just a little bit longer since I found them to be a bit too hard, lacking the chewy texture.
The portion was big for the price but I did not like them at all and ended up eating only 3 of them, but just the noodles.

Although have some items that I have seen before, many of the items feel too Westernized.  I do like their prices though. Everything is under $6,and decent portions. The way I think street food prices should be.

Too many "fusions" and did not like it
Decent pricing
Not recommend the sea weed rolls.

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