March 29, 2011

Peaceful Restaurant

Initially, I had planned to go to Sha-Lin Noodle House a few doors away but they are no longer open, I hope this is temporary. Apparently, according to Peaceful Restaurant, there had been a fire last year causing Sha-Lin to close.

I have gone to Peaceful Restaurant a few times already with inconsistent reviews each time.

Ja Jiang Mien (炸醬麵)- $7.95
with Knife Sliced Noodles

Peaceful Restaurant serves hand made noodles. They have different style of cuts, ranging from "hand pulled" to "knife sliced." I prefer knife sliced noodles because they are thicker, shorter, fat cuts that are more chewier. The hand pulled are thinner. 

This style of Ja Jiang Mien is different from Shanghai Goodies and from the style I am used to eating at home and in Taiwan. Nevertheless, it is better than no Ja Jiang Mien at all!

This was a "good day" for my noodles. They were cooked well, not too soft and leaving a good chewy texture. On my last visit, they were mushy and overcooked.

The Ja Jiang (sauce) is a bit too salty for my taste, especially the meat. It is chopped pieces of pork and some ground pork. There was plenty of soy bean paste and soy flavor but too much sodium! However, when mixed with the noodles, it was good but not when scooping out the "bits" and eating by itself.

Peaceful Restaurant had won a CRA award for their beef rolls but when I had it (pre-CRA award), it was nothing memorable. I have had better ones in Vancouver.

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