February 24, 2012


Coffee Bar
Serves 49th Parallel Coffee
Great place to sit and chat 
Delicious baked goods
Cinnamon Swirl
The Coffee  

The Baked goods

The Coffeebar prides themselves in their coffee (49th Parallel) but I think it should be their baked goods...
The first time I tried a latte at Coffeebar, I didn't like it. This time, it wasn't good either. 

Although nice to look at, the latte lacked microfoam, bitter, watered down and burnt. 

Their Cinnamon Swirl is as yummy as the first time I had it. Flaky and crisp, with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, this was good. Make sure to ask them to heat it up!

The Carrot Cake was moist, and flavorful. I was not too fond of the cream cheese icing, the consistency wasn't right, and I didn't think it went well with such a moist cake. 

The Coffeebar is a convenient place to grab a coffee and sit to chat, read, and surf the web. Since it's on Water St, the location is great. However, for an amazing caffeine experience, head down to Revolver on Cambie St!
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