February 22, 2012

Save on Meats

Save on Meats
•Half Butcher Shop Half Restaurant
Reasonable portions + Prices
•Featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives!
The Meat loaf
•Save on Meats Burger

First of all, I have to confess: No matter how hard I tried not to like Save on Meats, I couldn't. The food went above and beyond my expectations!

I try to avoid eating at heavily hyped places as I usually end up disappointed and people just seem to say they liked it because it's popular and everyone else likes it (social conformity!). I'm sure most of us have had this experience before.

The area of Save on Meats was one of the scariest, dangerous places I could recall in my childhood. The times after Woodwards closed and became a place for Down Town Eastsiders just to hang out.
The place has changed significantly over the years.

The Save on Meats Burger ($6) was juicy, and flavorful. The Save on Meats burger has lettuce, pickle and choice of side. There is also the option to half-half sides (I recommend this). The patty was nicely seasoned, and I really like their mash potatoes. It tasted different from the traditional flavor, and I liked it. I thought it was strange that there was no gravy on top of it.


The Meatloaf ($9) is featured on FoodNetwork's Diners Drive in and Dives.I specificly ordered the meatloaf because it was featured :)
The Meatloaf had great flavor, tender, and plenty of veggie bits. This was my first time eating meatloaf that didn't come from the frozen food aisle and whether or not meat loaf has a certain criteria, I'm not familiar with it. As long as it's good, it shouldn't be a big issue. Both of us liked it, RamuneBoy commented saying this was one of the better meatloafs he has eaten.

They also have daily specials.

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