February 25, 2012

Pho 101

Pho 101
Inexpensive and reasonable portions
Close to SFU Burnaby
Vietnamese Cuisine
Banh Mi
Pho 101 is a small Vietnamese Restaurant conveniently located down the hill from  SFU (next door is Sushi Town). It's frequently visited by SFU students wanting a bowl of hot pho. 
For appetizers, we ordered the Salad Roll and Spring Roll.
The Salad roll (above) tasted funny. It didn't taste fresh, and the rice wrap was thick and gummy. Also, the  peanut sauce was mediocre-watered down and lacked flavor.
At least it looked nice....?

The Spring Roll (minced pork and shrimp) was pretty good. It  came piping hot, crispy, and the filling was just average. Nevertheless, I liked it.
The Com Tam Bi Suon Cha Hap (broken rice, chicken, shredded pork, and egg pie) was a disappointment. I did not receive what I ordered!! Where is my shredded pork and egg pie??
I ordered this specifically for some shredded pork and meat pie. Instead I get a fried egg.
The rice was too mushy but the chicken was very tender and flavorful (lemongrass). Langley Vietnamese Cuisine still has the best chicken I've had.
I felt a bit scammed since the server knew about the issue, and I technically only received half of what I ordered. 

If you're going to Pho101, I recommend checking with the server on availability of their dishes.

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  1. That's so horrible. But I still really like their grilled pork baguette. I had one yesterday at Lemongrass and it wasn't as good imo. The pho at Pho 101 is kinda mehh too, since it's pretty heavy on msg.

    I stocked up on a few groupons, we should go if you're willing to give it a second chance :)

  2. You bought the coupon didn't you? Lol I hope you did... since it sounds like a pretty bad experience.