April 10, 2011

Sushi Town

The SFU student's favorite sushi spot. Cheap, OK  sushi and minutes from campus. They have a large menu...and even soju!
Since I was meeting up with TakoyakiChef that afternoon, I decided to force him to come along with me since he has quite a big appetite.

Spicy Salmon Sashimi-$9.95
This is a must have when ordering at Sushi Town. It is not your typical spicy sashimi. Their spicy sauce is made with gochujang base, and is slightly sweet and sesame-y.
The portion is very big, and could probably feed as many as 4-6, if other items are ordered.
Just do not expect the sashimi to be top-quality or anything.

Awesome Roll-$7.95
(calafornia roll inside, teriyaki-mayo sauce, bonito flakes)
Not really that awesome but the sauce goes great with rice. Just the standard california roll topped with teriyaki & mayo sauce.
TakoyakiChef favourite (he loves anything with bonito flakes).
Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll
(smoked salmon, cream cheese, california roll)
This was pretty much the same as the Awesome Roll except with different toppings and had cream cheese in it. I do not like cream cheese and had no interest in this roll.
Just make sure you eat in 1 bite as to not end up with a bite entirely of cream cheese.
Deep Fried Roll
(deep fried salmon & tuna)
They had forgotten about this roll until I asked. Out of everything, this was the worst. The salmon and tuna were way too overcooked and tasteless. Had it not been for the may-based sauce inside, it would have been bland and dry.

Spicy salmon sashimi recommended
Student food-do not expect anything top-quality
Good portions and decent prices
Very busy during dinner & lunch rushes

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  1. Ahh so that's what it is! I saw someone eating the spicy salmon sashimi but didn't know what it was! I'm glad you posted a pic up :)

  2. Yes haha~ definitely try it next time although I have a feeling they add massive amounts of MSG ++"

  3. They gave me the woooorst service ever. ==;