April 11, 2011

Weekend Munching: Bon Chaz

Despite a terrible previous visit, I decided to give Bon Chaz a second chance and to grab some wi-fi.

Initially, I wanted the green tea flavor I had last time but all they had was Chocolate Truffle and Banana walnut. Since I do not like banana, I opted for the Chocolate.
I had to wait for this since it was still baking and when it came out it smelled delicious..

Chocolate Truffle-$1.75
However, after I few bites I was wondering when I would get to the filling. The filling was the size of a toonie and just a pile of chocolate sprinkles! I found it to be too sweet since it was a giant glob in the middle.
Also, my bun was undercooked. I waited a few minutes to let it cool down but there was still a layer of uncooked dough near the centre. Combining melted chocolate and raw dough, I was pretty bad.

Service has improved
Inconsistent buns-first time dry this time raw.
Will not return...for their buns at least

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  1. If you ever go back, I would recommend the Brie and Avocado Sandwich!