April 18, 2011

Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix is one of the few push cart dim sum places left as many are going to the paper style. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I love push carts.
Maybe because it feels nostalgic and I love hearing the ladies shout "ha gow, shu mai!"

This place is one of my favourite places for cheap, decent dimsum. Plus, the place is clean and not a tight squeeze...they even have cloth tables and chairs. Some of the ladies are actually pretty sweet too!

Ha Gow 
This is my favourite thing to eat when I am out for dimsum. They are very large, and use larger shrimps. Probably one of the larger ones I have seen these days. Not too salty and have a nice crunch. This however, has extreme amounts of MSG.
The skin is good, little chewy and not too thin/ thick. 

Lo Mai Gai
One reason I like them from this place is because of the lack of Chinese mushrooms. Sure there are a few pieces but there is none of the "fragrance" from them. This version has fattier cuts of meat which make the rice fragrant. Again, portions are quite large. A pretty solid dish.

Siu Mai
The siu mai has plenty of pork and shrimp. I thought it was typical siu mai-just supersized.

Steamed Spareribs
My 2nd favorite dish from Golden Phoenix. They have squash on the bottom soaking up all the flavor. The spareribs have a good amount of meat on them as well. There is a slight "kick" from the hot pepper they use. 

However, I have noticed the type of pepper they use varies. Sometimes peppers, sometimes hot pepper oil. No matter which one it is, I am still happy with the dish

Solid, large portion Dimsum
20% off Dimsum (M-F before 1pm?)
Push carts


  1. Push-cart Dim Sum! I really hate the order kinds....funny, I was talking about this with my parents as well and they agreed that it just doesn't "feel" like Dim Sum unless there are pushcarts. I'll have to try this place.


  2. I'm glad to hear that there's a place nearby with push carts! I don't think there's anymore in Richmond. Too bad it's in Vancouver though.. I'll have to head out earlier to make it for the 20% off!

  3. @Peter- If you go, just make sure not to order the fried taro, I find it is often not fresh and oily.
    @Janice-you should go before lecture sometime! I sometimes go between lecture breaks :]