May 05, 2011

Samurai Sushi

When I am not looking for some superb sushi and just wanting to fill my craving, Samurai Sushi is the go-to place. Not only is it cheap, but portions are BIG!

Alaska Roll
Probably the smallest ones out of all the rolls I ordered. I was not too happy about this one since I found the rice to be hard and dry, it had probably been made a while ago. 

House Roll (right) 
(salmon, tuna, avacado, roe, articificial crabmeat)
This role is HUGE. It is pretty much impossible to eat with chopsticks without it falling apart. I have a bad habit of using my fingers when I eat this one. One of my favourite rolls from here.
California Roll (left)
A standard california roll, just supersized.

Yam Roll(left)
The yam is fried in a tempura batter, giving it a slight crunch. I really enjoyed this. I used to be addicted to their yam rolls and would eat at least 1 roll of it every time. 
Dynamite Roll(center)
The worst out of all the rolls. It used to be much better, but now, there is just too much tempura batter and avacado. I think their shrimps are smaller now as well. 
Futomaki Roll (right)
I do not like this roll, only because I do not like most of the items in the roll. Such as the pickled daikon and mushroom. My parents love this roll for the reasons I do not like it.
Teriyaki Beef Roll
Despite its looks, the roll is not all that bad. A little drier than usual but it did its job. It was so big, it took up an entire take out box.

Cheap, big sushi
Terrible wasabi (what do you expect?)
Don't expect any good quality sushi
Tends to have inconsistencies, especially rice

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  1. Hey, I've heard of this place! When I want giant sushi, I got to Sushi King on Granville. The staff are really friendly there, and the seafood is pretty fresh. Looks like Samurai doesn't pack on the rice thick like a lot of places. Sushi King is like that too, massive rolls, not overpacked with rice.


  2. I think this place also owns Banzai in Richmond... In high school I went here so often during lunches that the sheer size of the sushi scares me now.. hahaha. I kind of miss the house roll after seeing your pics though!

  3. @ Peter: I think Samurai and Sushi King have same owner or something since they have the same menu & sushi. SushiKing has nicer presentation vs Samurai and less rice. Samurai just had less this time-very inconsistent!
    @Janice: I think the house roll is the biggest roll I have ever seen. I am full after 3 pieces of it..but too expensive vs all their other rolls IMO

  4. Yeah! it's huge! I can never finish it either. I remember you can get half order at Banzai... though I'm not sure how many pieces that is :/