March 23, 2011


The Coffeebar is a new addition to the Gastown neighbourhood. They promise to raise the bar for coffee lovers and start the "future of coffee bars."

One word to describe this: bad. The coffee was bitter, leaving a unpleasant taste in my mouth and my lips. Not smooth at all.
The milk was not filled with delicious macrofoam but rather only had a macrofoam-microfoam thin layer on top. 
The latte art was just so-so. Elysian Coffee has much better skills & coffee.
I have not had such a bad latte experience for quite a long time. 

Their coffee machine seemed top-notch and I do believe with time, they could be serving some excellent coffee.

Cinnamon Swirl-$2.95
THIS WAS SO GOOD. A cross between a pastry and a cinnamon bun, it was very flaky yet moist. The cinnamon-brown sugar was in every bite and the crumble was excellent. It was not too sweet, at all even with the caramel drizzle.
I finished this immediately after it was heated.

Excellent on site daily baked goods
Lattes experience was terrible
Free Wi-Fi

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  1. Check your email Gloria! Sent you an invitation!

  2. what can you expect from 49th's finest? Crap-Latte indeed.

  3. Hey- you should re-visit the coffeebar - because their lattes are divine!

  4. Have they improved?
    The latte I had was pretty bad, I do want some more of their pastries. I might give them a second chance one day.