March 21, 2011

Shanghai Goodies

Shanghai Goodies has a large variety of noodles and cheap too! The popular ones include Hot & Sour Noodle Soup, Dan Dan Mient and Ja Jiang Mien. I can't help myself but grab an order to-go even when I'm full. Plus, with many at less than $5, who can complain?

Ja Jiang Mien (擔擔麵)
(noodles, fried pork, soybean paste, garlic, peas, cucumber)
By no means is their ja jiang mien(擔擔麵) anything close to the Taiwanese style ones I had back in Taiwan but I do like it. I
The dish is a bit on the sweeter side but the fried pork with soy bean paste is pretty good. The freshly sliced cucumber gives in a nice crunch and very refreshing. There is plenty of chopped garlic in this, which many do not like but  I did not mind. The noodles are plentiful and very filling, since the noodles "expand in your stomach."

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