March 21, 2011

Benkei Ramen

Benkei Ramen has 5 locations scattered across Vancouver. Having had a successful trip at their Thurlow location, we decided to give this place a try.
It was TakoyakiChef's birthday and I decided to be nice and treat him to a afternoon "snack."
Benkei Curry with Rice-$7.95
(slow braised beef brisket with creamy curry sauce)

This was excellent and the portion was very generous. This could easily be shared between two for a light "meal/snack." 
The beef brisket was very tender, and a good fat-lean ratio. There were about 6-8 chunks of brisket, a good amount.
The curry had a strong cumin taste and smell but not overpowering. On the menu it said it was creamy but it wasn't as creamy as I thought. I did not mind this at all. TakoyakiChef prefers Indian curry whereas I prefer Japanese curry. This was a good "in-between."

Benkei also has a curry ramen, which I will likely try now.

Good ramen and curry!
Reasonable prices
Portions very good
Attempting to adventure to all 5 locations.

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  1. Curry....hmmm....maybe worth a try. How was it? I like my beef brisket nice and fat, haha!


  2. It was pretty good,Japanese curry is not as spiced as Indian curries or Malaysians, too much spices for me!
    The brisket was not bad, not too fatty but more on the leaner side.