March 18, 2011

Elysian Coffee

Elysian Coffee has been well known for their coffee, especially their latte art. All day, the place is packed with line ups to the door. Their drinks are a single size and carry fresh, daily baked goods. Their "hipster" staff were friendly and very funny!
This place has been on my wishlist for a while. Plus, I needed place nearby to study (and some free wi-fi)!

As with all their beverages, they are beautifully presented with latte art. The Barista clearly quite experienced. After gazing at the art for a good 30 seconds, I was expecting this latte to blow me away. The aroma of the coffee was very fragrant and the quality was excellent. 
I found the roast they used to be quite bold, but very good (did not expect this). However, after a few sips, it was evident my latte did not live up to my expectations.
The steamed milk was not "velvety smooth" throughout as it should. It was pretty standard steamed milk underneath the layer of foam.  However,the layer did last me to the last sip which "saved" this latte. 
The foam was very good, but there were some larger foam bubbles mixed into the macro foam, making it less smooth.
If you're not as picky as me with lattes, you will enjoy this,

Despite my shattered dreams of finding the perfect latte, I did enjoy the experience and the amazing coffee.

(Note: I can be a little picky when it comes to lattes. After having amazing lattes at a cafe in Taipei,  I could not go back to having Starbucks and their scooped foam. I am on the hunt for my perfect latte)

Excellent coffee 
Wifi after 4pm ( I was too early!)
Fresh and tasty baked goods
Pretty latte art
Reasonable prices for the quality they offer

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