March 10, 2011

ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro

After the Poutine, TakoyakiChef and I were still hungry. Not wanting to walk too far, I suggested ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro, just down the street. Even though the afternoon rush was over, the place was still surprisingly busy. 

Uni Nigiri- $3.75
The Uni was amazing. It was fresh, creamy, rich and not mushy at all. TakoyakiChef described this taste as "like eating in the ocean." The rice was good, not mushy, and a good texture. The vinegar was very subtle, allowing the Uni to be the center of attention. 

Grilled Sablefish Set-$13
(Sable fish fillet marinated with saikyo miso, side salad)
After such a success with the Uni, things began to go a little downhill. The sable fish was burnt. I had to peel off the burnt pieces all over the top of the fillet. I would have complained and return it to the kitchen but decided not to this time. I had expected the fish to be overcooked looking at it, and indeed it was, just slightly. Nevertheless, the fish was delicious! Very buttery, smooth and the miso marinade was delicious!
TakoyakiChef was blown away at the taste of the fish, scraping the plate clean.
The sides were just typical sides and accompanied with a large bowl of rice, that could be shared by two.

TakoyakiChef coincidentally had a Uni on his cellphone that day!

Fresh seafood
Large selection of sake
Slightly pricier

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  1. Hi Gloria,

    Cool blog, nice and neat, not like my POS, lol! If you like uni, you should go to Steveston, they sell uni right off the boats - $10 for 3 live uni!