March 06, 2011

The Kaboom Box (Formerly Fresh Local Wild)

For months, I had been contemplating "To try or not to try?" the Po-boy sandwich at Fresh Local Wild. Since TakoyakiChef was downtown shopping with me and was paying, I decided to give it a shot. By the time we got there, it was too late. Fresh Local Wild was G-O-N-E. Replaced with "The Kaboom Box" and Po-Boy sandwiches were not on the menu! Apparently they are now under new management(or something like that) but much of the concepts and foods are the same. For example, they are still serving ocean-wise foods. They also have specials of the day. 

(was not on menu when I was there but they do make them)

Since I was still taken aback by the news about Fresh Local Wild, TakoyakiChef and I decided to just share a poutine, which was said to be pretty much the same thing. I have mix feelings about the poutine. I really liked the fries, with a similar cut to the ones at Mcdonalds but better. They were fried very well, crisp and tasted fresh. Looking at the fries made during their "Fresh Local Wild" times, there was a major improvement.The gravy did not have much depth, but I liked the creamy-thick consistency of the sauce, and saltyness was just right..see mixed feelings! The cheese was very stringy and semi-melted, yum. The freshly chopped green onions brought out the flavor in the poutine.
TakoyakiChef loved this poutine

Many more things to try before a conclusion to be decided.
Prices expensive for "street food" ($6-10 for a burger and sides are extra)
OK poutine
Fresh, made to order!
Ocean Wise seafood

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