March 04, 2011

Burgers Etc. BBQ House

After watching a month of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Foodnetwork, I began craving some "Diner Food," specifically a pulled pork sandwich. Burgers etc. has been known for the "best burger in town" but I guess that doesn't include their pulled pork...

Pulled Pork Sandwich-$8.50
(5oz, slow smoked pork shoulder,coleslaw, pick + side of baked beans)

The burger overall did not live up to my expectations. Although I did like their choice of bread since it could hold up the whole burger without falling apart and the slaw was excellent, I did not like the pulled pork. The pork did not have enough salt, too sweet, and the meat was much too lean. I needed something to drink to wash it down. (This trip was likely just an off day for on previous visits, it was much better.) Portion-wise,5oz does sound quite little but it's enough to be full for lunch-there's also a side too.

Baked Beans
This was a failure. All I could taste was sweet-sugar-sweet , and a slight BBQ tangy after taste. One bite and I had to stop. Anymore and I might just get a cavity. I don't like to waste food but sadly, this had to go. 

Just a typical, neighbourhood burger house. Nothing worth a long drive for.
Quality tends to be inconsistent.
Cash & debit only.

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Slowly smoked pulled pork shoulder, slathered in our homemade BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion (or creamy 


  1. Diner food? You have to hit Fraser Park with us.

  2. Antons? I'm planning on going this week, the bacon quesadilla looks so good & I want to try his mayo!