May 13, 2011

Bada Bing Foodtruck

Bada Bing Foodtruck is the first foodtruck I actually enjoyed! Their prices and portions were reasonable and decently filling. Their main focus is their Philly cheese steak sandwiches but for vegetarians, they have something as well albeit just poutine. Coma Foods, and Slingers were pretty bad experiences.

Don't you just love my Umbrella? 
(vegetarian gravy with monterey jack cheese)
Hot and freshly fried, this was a solid poutine. There was a generous serving of everything-gravy, cheese and fries. I really liked it. What made it even better was the BBQ sauce I added. When mixed together, I could not stop eating it. If I had not been sharing with RamuneBoy, I would have been happy gobbling it up.
Their gravy did not have as much depth of flavors as Kaboom Box but I thought this had a much stronger flavor and filling. I would choose Bada Bing if given the choice.

Solid poutine
By looks of everything, good portions 
Favorite food truck so far

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  1. you had a vegetarian meal? the garlic aioli is good.

  2. the poutine looks really good! We saw the truck driving by as we were having dinner, will have to make a trip to check it out :)

  3. Yeah that looks good! I love food that comes in Chinese take out boxes, and I never find Chinese food in those boxes either... I think I'm going to abuse NY fries poutine coupon tmr though, before I try this place XD

  4. @BB: Just a vegatarian "snack," I don't think I have lasted a day without meat -__-" I tried the garlic aioli (I think? Its the garlic mayo right? haha) and I agree it was good.
    @604Munchies: If you do, TRY THE SAUCES! Def. the garlic aili.
    @Janice: I don't think I would eat Chinese food in takeout boxes, never taste good! I actually don't remember if I have had NYF poutine before, their gravy is addicting though.

  5. I love garlic and yes, just garlic and mayo as simple as what it is satisfies me...i'm so biased. hehehehe