May 15, 2011


RamuneBoy had been talking Kingyo for almost a year and bragging about his time at Kingyo. It was on my list to go ever since but after reading 604 Munchies visit at Kingyo, I really wanted to go, mainly for their pork chop!

After finding out the pork chop was only available for lunch, I was quite discouraged. I eat anything and everything so I left RamuneBoy in charge of ordering.
Black Cod Cheek Karrage-$8.50
(deep fried crispy soy sake marinated black cod cheek)
I am often disappointed in any fried fish, as it is 80% of the time, overcooked and dry. This was not the case with the Black Cod. It was perfectly cooked and juicy. The cheeks were tender, with the look and consistency of chicken. There was none of the fishy taste either.
After eating a few bites, I found it to be a little on the salty side. I would liked if there was some sort of sauce or drizzle with it instead of the salt they served on the side.
Fish cheeks are my second favourite part of the fish, with fish eyeballs being my #1 :].
Sizzling Sea Urchin Bimbimbap-$10.50
(sea urchin, salmon caviar, prawn, squid & rice, in a sizzling stone bowl)
Before it was mixed, it looked so good! Out of all the dishes, this was one of my favorites. I liked how the stone bowl made the rice crispy. The sea urchin made the dish, with its creamy texture but I like it much better by itself. This was basically a fried rice but better. I thought an egg would make it a bit less dry and creamier.
Grilled Duck
This was the dish RamuneBoy really enjoyed when he first came here. I thought it was good, but not amazing. I thought it was slightly overcooked but the apple and sauce together tasted pretty good. 
According to RamuneBoy, it used to be bigger and tastier than what we had that night. 
Frozen Matcha Brule
(green tea brulee with whip cream & red bean drizzle)
This was my favorite of the night. The was a strong matcha and sesame flavor, very fragrant taste-wise. My only complaints would be the lack of strawberry and small portion!
Great food and ambience-I love the decor
Still need to try the pork chop!
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  1. The duck looks so good!! It's too bad you missed out on the pork..hopefully you'll be able to try it at lunch next time! We really enjoyed it :)

  2. I love Kingyo! I just can't afford to eat there as often as I used to. Their porkchop is pretty good, that's what I ordered when I went there for lunch.

    The last time I was there, I had this sort of sampler for lunch which was out of this world, but most of my visits to Kingyo are at get legless, haha!