May 22, 2011

Wang Ga Ma

I love getting the rice crackers at H-mart, I can literally eat a whole bag in 1 day. I knew H-mart had a food court, but I didn't know how or where it was. I always assumed it was above the super market area but could not find any escalator to get up and was too shy to ask.
My parents were actually the ones who found where it was! 
The food court is just to the right of the checkouts, nearest to the customer service desk. It is sort-of blocked since the walk way to there is very narrow and squished.
Before watching Game 2 vs Sharks, ChilliPepper, Dad and I had a mini-snack, since we all were curious about the food court.
B.B.Q Beef-$8.95
ChilliPepper is a picky girl with many allergies so she is very picky. She loves meats marinated with soy sauce, making the BBQ beef (bulgogi) her pick.
The beef was good, with a good balance of sweet and salty. I had much better ones but most of them were home made. ChilliPepper and I both agreed the beef was a bit too overcooked and dry. We both liked the cut of the beef chosen as it was not too lean or fatty.
This came with "MSG soup" and kimchi. The soup was very watery and weak. I did not expect much from this anyways. I found their kimchi too salty and not sour enough for my taste.

After my Dad watched a Korea cuisine show on Fairchild, he was very curious about the sizzling rice stone bowls. 
Bimbimbap is my favourite Korean dish!
The bowl was sizzling. I am too clutzy and chicken to take the tray to the table myself. It is heavier than it looks.
The toppings were fresh and had a nice crunch but I thought it lacked some flavor. The gochujang was underneath the toppings, was a little bit too much for the portion given.
This was also served with "MSG soup" and kimchi.

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  1. Ooopps!
    Supposed to be saved as a draft. Thanks for letting me know BG^^

  2. what!! is this the h-mart in downtown? I've only been to the one at poco and they don't have a food court area there... but they do have some cooked stuff.
    the bibimbap looks good! i think technically "dolsot bibimbap" is this rice in a stone bowl, whereas just "bibimbap" is rice in the silver bowl

  3. @ Janice: It's the one DT, thanks for the clarification! I'll go fix it now!
    I didn't even know poco had one, I only know of Langley & DT.
    Their cooked stuff @ Hmart is not too bad.