May 23, 2011

Duotian & Fish Soup Noodles

My parents always go get their BBQ meats above T&T on 1st Ave and when they found out a new HK Cafe was going to open, they were wanting to try it out. Finally, Duotian has opened and place was busy and packed, likely all locals who were also curious about this new place.We ordered 2 items & there was a 30 minute wait for out take out!

Duotian Noodle Combo
(Orginal fish soup, rice noodles, sliced beef,seasonal vegatables)
It was pretty bland. Typical Chinese fish soup with noodles. I found the soup too salty and flavorless. The beef was very tender and I liked it but so little veggies! The veggies were sliced to small pieces and cheap, why skimp on this?

Duotian Style Rice in Hotpot Combo
(seasonal vegatables, chicken with mushrooms)
Another disappointment. I did not expect this to be actual "rice steamed in bowl" but the rice was dry and barely any sauce on top. The chicken was tender, but not very much meat on this at all. Out of all the times I have ordered bo zai fan, this was probably one of the worst ones.

Note:Ice Lemon Tea
Too sweet! My face cringed from all the sugar syrup. If you order, make sure you ask for less sweet!

I noticed there was no stir fries their menu-lack of a proper kitchen/Chef?? Essentially all of their menu foods are "combo foods" where you choose your toppings+base+coffee/tea. Drinks with ice is an extra $1, paying more for less drink and more ice.
They also serve "Taiwanese Style Bubble Tea" which I tried on a later visit. I thought  an unreasonable amount of time to wait at15 minutes for it when the place was not busy. It was too sweet and too much milk. There was no tea taste.

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  1. Ooo!! I saw this place the other day when we were eating at Venice Garden hehe, glad to have read your review, now we can cross that one off our list!

  2. Found the place quite by accident. I was planning to get BBQ pork at Hopewell's and found it closed because of a car accident the previous weekend so went into the restaurant instead. So glad I did! Food was really good and generous portions. Soup was a bit salty but NO MSG!!! I did not find it bland.

  3. Oh, so that is what happened to Hopewells? I was just there yesterday, wondering why the sudden "closed for renovation" sign went up!
    I went during the first few days and found portions to be typical HK size but disappointed by their food.