May 26, 2011

Quick Bite: Japadog

After the win against the Chicago Blackhawks, it was off to celebrate on Granville St! Before we ventured out there, my Dad had a sudden craving for Japadog so we made a quick stop.
Everyone was probably still celebrating Burrows' game winning goal, which explained why the place was pretty empty!

A pretty standard, good beef hotdog that is not overly salty with seaweed and mayo, it was nothing special really.
Just enough to satisfy a craving, but not enough for a meal, at least for me.
Personally, I think Japadog is overhyped and the line ups are not really worth it. Their hotdogs are good but not 15minute line up worthy.

I was about to try their "Shake Fries," until I saw their bag of frozen fries. Their flavors looked good, but if I want frozen bagged fries, I would head over to Mcdonalds.
Japadog (Robson Store) on Urbanspoon


  1. agreed about the fries. they shouldn't have them laying around on the counter like that! makes the customers turn away hahah

  2. I actually don't mind if they are frozen, as long as it is good. But If I want frozen, thin cut fries, I go to McD's x]