July 20, 2011

Babylon Cafe

Babylon Cafe is my favorite Shawarma place and gasp my regular location is closing!  I will miss the smell of smell of shwarmas as I pass by. Being such a busy location, rather than ask what you would like as toppings, you have to let them know or else they will end up giving you everything!  
I always ask for an addition of hummus, and extra of each sauce.

Chicken Shawarma
The Chicken shawrma itself is pretty heavy and very "solid".
their sauce has a familiar taste, sesame paste? Very fragrant and the crunch from the edges of the meat combined with their fresh veggies keep making me come back.My only complaint is whenever I am eating one of the wraps, I end up having to share one of these. These for me at least, are more filling than a foot long sandwich from Subway.
Note: I do not believe the UBC Babylon is same ownership as Babylon Cafe but I might be wrong.

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  1. I heard that whole section is going to be turned into condos :(

    I've only been there a few times too! Need to go back before the 31st! D:

  2. Really?
    Oh no :( :(
    Condos are popping up everywhere these days sigh.

  3. its going to be a new apple store