July 22, 2011

7 Sweet Sins

7Sweet Sins stands out from all the other stores on Abbot St. with their PINK store. Conveniently across from GM place, I did not think about visiting until a friend suggested it. They carry a large variety of mini cakes, pies,drinks, and even gelato.
I was hoping to grab a latte with my dessert after a long day but they do not offer it. Judging by their drink menu, they do not have a proper espresso machine and only serve regular coffee.
By the looks of the store, the cakes are not made on site, nor is their gelato, which is from Mario's Gelato. However, just because it is not home made does not mean it is not good!

I love tiramisu and anything with coffee in it. This version howev
er, I did not like. The lady fingers tasted dry, and not moist at all. There was no liquor and little coffee flavor all. I expected the lady fingers on the outside to be dry but not the actual tiramisu part!
It tasted like mascarpone &cream with slight coffee and cocoa flavor but it was weak. My favorite part of this was the chocolate shavings.
T&T's tiramisu, just down the street was better than this.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake
The title of the cheesecake was probably the best part about it. The cheese cake itself was not a NY style cheese cake but just typical but not as great. There was something lacking in it, not enought cream cheese perhaps?
The apple crumble was mushy and the apples mostly at the bottom, were also mushy.
It had a good sweetness level but that was it.

I did not enjoy 7 Sweet Sins all that much. The decor is cute and a good place to sit and talk but their desserts (of what I had) were weak and no espresso machine prevents me from making a return visit.

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  1. There is never anyone eating/sitting in this place. I would wonder how long the desserts have been sitting there...

  2. I agree, the tiramisu was stale. I noticed they source their baked goods from a bakery on Granville Island, maybe they sell their day old ones at this location. Hmmmm