July 29, 2011

Bao Chau

Bao Chau is likely on of the oldest Pho places in Vancouver. They have been open for ~20 years and they are still busy. I have gone here since I was little and the pho tastes just as good. I vaguely remember what their original decor looked like, including their game machine, take out menu, and bamboo walls. Time sure goes by fast. Out of all the many pho places, Bao Chau ranks high on my list.  They serve one of my favoruite broths. It does not have too much lemongrass fragrance, overly salty or spiced, but of course heavy with MSG!

(above)Beefball Soup
(beef balls with flat rice noodles)
Just the standard pho with beef balls. It's good but nothing out of the ordinary. Their beef balls are crunchy and a slight bounce. I found these to be quite fun to eat as a kid since I was so used to eating Chinese meatballs and regular beef balls. 
Spicy Noodle Soup
(assorted sliced beef, pork hask, occasional pig feet and flat rice noodle)

Do not judge by its looks or its name. It is not spicy. Sure, a very mild kick but you will need to add extra chillioil or sriracha sauce for heat. They use the same soup base except with chilli oil. I always end up ordering this, with the hopes I will get a piece of pig  feet, they sometimes give it to you, sometimes not.

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