July 31, 2011

Cherry Ice & Beard Papa's

Cherry Ice
Those who know me know I am not a fan of food court food. I haven't had any great tasting meals there and you need to fight for tables,having manoeuvre around the crowds just to get to your table. It is such a hassle.  Plus, the tables tend to be sticky and dirty. However,  with that said there are a few places I do enjoy going to that are in food courts.

Cherry Ice is my favorite place to go in the summer and winter. My family and Chinese Doctors are always saying not to eat so much cold foods, which I don't but this place is the exception.

8 Topping Ice
They seriously pack and squish all your ingredients in. There is a large assortment of toppings including lychee, taro, rice balls (tung yuan), black sticky rice, red bean, large beans(kidney beans?), green bean and many more. I always get the rice balls, taro, black sticky rice, green jelly, job's tears, red beans and large beans, enough to make up 8 toppings. 
Typically, this can easily make 4 servings but I can finish this by myself. I am greedy :]
If you go, make sure to grab a stamp card! I have filled up quite a few of these already.

Beard Papa's
Crystal Mall's Beard Papa's makes me wonder why there? Isn't there one just in Metrotown, within walking distance?Whenever I pass by, it's empty. The staff are always hiding in the back too. 
Their variety is about the same as Metrotown but less flavors of the day. They only have 1 Flavor of the Day. My favorite location is still Aberdeen for their milk tea cream puffs! 
Paris Brest
First of all, how do you pronounce it? I just feel awkward when ordering this; I just point to it when I want it.
They use their standard vanilla filling. I found this was just like their cream puffs but less flaky and more convenient way to eat since it is eaten like a donut.
Blackberry Creampuff
Very stale. The cream puff was not fresh and tasted a bit off. The filling, was pretty bad. Reminded me of cough medicine mixed with blue berry in a cream filling. I do not recommend this flavour when ordering. 

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  1. Mm I LOVE the 8 topping ice at Cherry, but they've raised the price on it by SOO much!! It used to be like $4.. now it's $5? $5.50? :(

  2. Hey! I tried Cherry Ice! Haha, I didn't even know what the name of the shop was until I came home and looked at my pictures. You and Gloria were right, awesome!

  3. @Janice: I am paying $5 for water and beans, sad isn't it? Haha!
    @Peter: I am Gloria LOL. Nothing like those red bean ones from TW though :(