August 02, 2011

Kwan Kee Noodle House

The T&T  food court has a surprisingly, good variety of food. They have Bale Vietnamese sandwiches, a curry restaurant that used to be Curry House (serve same foods), Korean, and more.
Kwan Kee serves very traditional foods like wonton noodles & soup, rice noodles and chinese donuts wrapped in rice noodle.

Wontons & Noodles
Typically, I don't order wontons because I prefer dumplings but I wanted to get some for a change. I don't  this type of noodles. They have a certain taste and texture  so I can't comment much about it.
The wontons are pretty good. Nice and crunchy and "two bite size". If given the choice, I would get the ones over at #9 because they are bigger and juicer. 

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