August 04, 2011

Megabite Pizza (Production Way)

Megabite has always been one of my favorite go-to places for cheap, fresh and convenient pizza. I have not been to the location at Production way for quite some time. I think I remember why now.  Their pizzas on both occasions were terrible. They were sitting on the display cases for way too long. 
Notice the topping difference? There is hardly any toppings and they are all sliced thin and small. For a $5 combo, you realy don't expect much but the drastic difference is pretty disappointing.
The pizzas were both slightly warm-cold for my standards. Because of that, my pizzas tasted pretty greasy. The dough had no rise and flat. Awful!

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  1. I live so close to here, but ya... worst pizza ever! Commercial is still my favorite place for Megabites.

    Don't you hate how once a place becomes a chain...everything is ruined?

  2. I never tried Megabytes, but I imagine it's probably just as nasty as Fresh Slice. My favourite pizza by the slice is probably Romano's on Granville, although some may think I was nuts, haha!

  3. @Diana: I liked Megabite up until they expanded to more than a few locations. It's everywhere now. Their consistency of dough is pretty bad at every location; even Commercial. Not to mention toppings!
    @Peter: I have not been to freshslice, I think any place is better than Production. Commercial location however, is pretty good.
    My favorite pizza is still from Mcdonalds. I wish they would bring it back!

  4. Most likely, regular readers won't have noticed it but it seems you have aged yourself: Unless you are referring to a different establishment with the same name, McPizza was on the menu on the early 1990's. If you can remember it... ^_^;;;

    I haven't been there in ages but my favorite pizza by the slice used to be 2001 Flavours Pizza. Wonder how it is now...

  5. @KimHo
    Mcpizza's are my ATF. If there was a pizza that used Little Ceasars crazy sauce and a good crust, it might just be the next best thing.

    Passed by 2001 Flavors before, but never thought of giving a shot. Next time!