August 06, 2011

Golden Phoenix

The list of push cart dim sum places is dwindling. Golden Phoenix, judging by their menu and displays, specialized in soup. 
They serve turtle soup, deer soup,herbal soups and various chicken soups too.
I have not had their regular menu or soups, just their dim sum.
Golden Phoenix does not rush you like many other places do. You can often find older generations just sitting there, reading the paper or chatting.
Monday to Saturday/Friday, before 1/2pm all dimsum is 20% off too.

It is a fairly small restaurant but it is always busy,  parking can be a problem during peak hours. Sometimes people park directly behind someone else's car in their back parking lot so you can often hear their staff asking who is parking behind a customer's car.
Spare Ribs
Underneath the ribs is the highlight of this dish. Squash!It's sweet and flavorful due to all the pork sauce and fat. It tastes great when mixed with rice too! The ribs are not pure fat, which I often receive from other dim sum places, leaving me with just a few bites of meat. They are tender and mildy spicy.
Ha Gow
A ok skin, not too gummy or soft, little QQ chewy. The shrimp is quite large and good crunch. Definitely one of the bigger and better ones I have had. I always end up finishing 1 or 2 orders of this by myself!

Spare Rib Claypot Rice
It is simply rice and they stick dim sum on top and steam it. It is not "real" clay pot rice. Again spare ribs are good and I enjoyed it. My Dad always orders this right away when receiving our tea since this is usually takes quite a while-20 minutes. Make sure to order this in advance.

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  1. Hey, I've been to Golden Phoenix! I just haven't blogged about the place yet....I remember stupid long line ups for getting in.

    I love spare rib clay pot (even though it might not be really done right, haha!). What I like to do is order spare ribs on their own, then order the spare rib on rice, then take the sauce from the spare ribs, and dump it into the rice, that way it's extra greasy, haha!


  2. @ Peter:
    I do it too, or I save the grease and stuff/dip it into my hagow.
    What can I say? I love greasy food!