June 05, 2011

Beard Papa's (Aberdeen)

If given the choice if eating at a food court, I would probably choose Aberdeen.Usually, I do not like food court food but Aberdeen has more variety and chains from Asia. Specifically, Strawberry Cones and Bearded Papa. Remember when Bearded Papa Beard Papa's was new and line ups = sold out in minutes? Now, they seem to have so many locations.
After Boiling Point, I still was not full and since I knew we were grabbing some dessert at Aberdeen, I secretly hoped they had my favorite Bearded Papa Cream puff flavor!

Early Grey Milk Tea Cream Puffs
The first time I had this was probably on Christmas Day/Eve since Aberdeen was the only large mall I knew of. 
I really like the filling of milk tea (it is also my ATF drink). I find that is has the fragrant early grey flavor, but the puff itself was not very fresh.
I find it is usually much better.
Knowing me, I ended up getting a box of them and finished before the end of the day.
I noticed Aberdeen has the most wide variety of flavors, not the usual ones found at all the other stores. 

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  1. It is "Beard Papa's", not "Bearded Papa"!

    It is just as you mentioned, once it started expanding, it is no longer the "in" thing, since you can get them pretty much anywhere. I wonder if they should have stick with Aberdeen only...

  2. All this time, I have been calling it Bearded Papa's and nobody corrected me! Thank you for the correction :]
    I agree, they have way too many locations, and are in walk-able distances from eachother (i.e Richmond Center & Aberdeen, Crystal mall & Metrotown).

  3. No, no more mega line-ups at this location anymore? Haha, it was so ridiculous when it first opened. I couldn't believe people would line up for shukurimu (creme puffs) when I first saw it, but I guess if it's trendy, people will wait.