June 08, 2011

Coney Island

When you're down by the beach, what do you eat? Fish and Chips! All that fried goodness drowned in tar tar sauce. I have been coming to Coney Island for probably more than 10+ years. I find their portions of fish are bigger, fresh and I drink their tar tar sauce.
Their menu has the standard fish and chips menu. Next door, just 2 stores down is the always popular Moby Dicks. Their clientele seems more of the younger, and "non-regulars" as many of the locals and regulars seem to end up here. Probably due to the crowds and decor. I had Moby Dicks in the past but it was just so-so.

Onion Rings
The batter they use is the same as for the fish and chips. I like the batter since it has a butter-y texture and taste. They were fried a little to much for me as it had a crunchier texture. This is all just preference though. The onions were sliced a little too thin but since there was a box full, it made up for it. 

Of course, I drowned this with tar tar sauce!

I believe this was halibut but I may be wrong. I am too forgetful!
This was definately the highlight. The fish was fresh and did not have any fishy taste and perfectly fried. It takes up an entire plate since the batter "puffs".
These are always freshly cut, friend and simple. I like my fries thicker but this time, I thought the fries could be fried a little longer to be more crispy. 
Tar Tar Sauce
This is my ATF Tar Tar sauce. I have tried many but nothing compares to it. Usually, I get this in a bowl because I use so much. It has plenty of dill ,creamy but little bit sour I liked their recipe better than others.I ended up having an entire container for myself and the rest of my family had to share 1. I am so greedy!

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  1. Hey, the description of tartar sauce sounds an awful lot like Moby Dick's Fish and Chips. Have you been there? It's also on the strip in White Rock. I'll have to give Coney Island a try, never been there myself.

  2. I tried it but it was just OK. I just prefer the batter and tartar sauce here. I find Moby's sauce is too thick, like Cheese Whiz!