June 11, 2011

Ebisu (Robson)

If you ever head to Ebisu, I would strongly reccomend going for their Lunch Specials or Happy Hour. The same food, but better deals. 
During the playoffs, RamuneBoy and I were able to snag to seats at last minute for a playoff game. They told me they were bar seats and I was hesitant since I was thinking we wouldn't be able to see the screen but I was wrong. There are TV's right in front of each bar table section so I was very happy.

Honey Garlic Wings
This is a Happy Hour Item. Around 35 cents each, I thought the wings were very juicy but the sauce was pretty generic. There were no garlic, but just honey-(little)garlicky sauce. I found them to be alright but RamuneBoy didn't really enjoy them as much.
At 99 cents each, I thought they were pretty decent. Albeit a bit small, they were fresh and pretty plump. Since I really enjoy raw oysters, I often come here during happy hour and eat only oysters.
(I forgot the name of this roll)
I have probably ordered sushi here once and knew never to order again. However, RamuneBoy against my recommendation, wanted to order this. 
I find the rice very dry and hard, and the vinegar was not very good. The teriyaki-like dressig ad spicy mayo dressing were just typical. You could find pretty much find this at any other place. The filling was weak, and forgettable. Just typical california roll.. My biggest complaints about this would be the rice and how small it was. This tasted like T&T sushi with bonito flakes.

Mentaiko Udon
This is my favorite dish at Ebisu and I order this every time. It was quite like Carbonara pasta with bacon but less heavy and creamy.The udon has a nice QQ texture and enoki mushrooms throughout. The onions were fragrant but and give a nice crunch, however I don't actually like eating the onion! 
Unfortunately, since it was so busy the Udon was not very good. Worst of all, it was COLD, well LUKEWARM. I was not happy about it.
If you go during their Lunch Specials, this is included as well as miso soup, sashimi salad and ice cream dessert. I believe the price is the same as well.
With the playoffs, anyone wearing Canucks memorabilia receives a coupon for any free drink (Sunday to Thursday I believe). I wanted to sample the Granville Island Brewery's beer and it was a big mistake. I am not a fan, I still prefer Sapporo and Asahi. I just ended up eating the foam head while we watched for a bit. 
Of course, after the Canucks scored,  free shooters were given out. There was barely, any alcohol in it since they were giving out so many but at least the colors matched.
If you want cheap food and free drinks during the playoffs, this place isn't too bad. I would just stick to ordering the Happy Hour Menu, especially the oysters.

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  1. Totally agree! Japanese beer all the way!

  2. i wanted to come here yesterday, but i didn't in the end. thankfully i didn't because who knows what would've happened in the end if i did...