June 18, 2011


What do you get when you cross Yakisoba and Japadog? A disappointing snack! Out of all my experiences, this has to be the least tasty one. With that being said, it was not terrible by any means but I did not like it.
I had completely forgotten about this location and happened to come across it by accident when looking for a something to eat with TakoyakiChef. 
Since finding out Japadog has different flavors at each location, I always want to try something new. I did not particularly like the choices at this place as many involved veggies I don't particularly like to eat. I'm more of a meat-loving-monster lady
There was only one Japadog that I was wanting to try here.

Yakisoba Japadog
I found this to be kind of a let down. The noodles are just prepackaged noodles that are mixed with sauce. I saw them simply open up a pack of noodles as I was waiting and not much flavor The sauce was Teriyaki like and salty. The noodles were on the cold side and it seemed even colder as the hot dog was piping hot! 
Would I order this again? Probably not.

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  1. Had it just a few weeks ago.
    They somehow forgot the ginger on mine!