May 30, 2011


Ever since CBC had been broadcasting the Playoffs outdoors, there has been a street of Food trucks parked there. Ranging from Roaming Dragon, Kaboom Box, and a few others. 
I wouldn't classify Ursu as a "fusion" food place but they do serve tacos and bulgogi hotdogs. 

The food cart itself, seems quite small on the inside but surprisingly roomy inside. It is wide enough for a mini kitchen, a food prep table and comfortably 3 people.
Bulgogi Taco-$2.99
Typically, this comes with the standard diced vegatables and cheese. However, I do not like raw onions, tomatoes, or cheese so I just stick with lettuce when it comes to tacos. 
This was small! The box is the size of your hand and the tortilla took up most of the space. I actually asked for hard shell but they gave me a soft shell. 
There was very little meat but it was just OK flavorwise. The meat was tender and on the leaner side.
At $2.99, I think it was a bit much since I would need at least 5 to be satisfied!
Taste wise, it was alright.

Ursu Korean BBQ Food Cart on Urbanspoon

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